• Bracelet Sets

    Bracelet Sets (26)

    Our gemstone fashion bracelets are uniquely handmade. Each piece is strategically designed before being strung on high quality stretch cord. A variety of hand-picked ceramic, wood, and glass beads are united with precious and semi-precious stones and metals to create one-of-kind jewelry just for you. So much love is put into creating each piece that once a set is complete,…
  • Waist Beads

    Waist Beads (11)

    So, what are Waist Beads? Is it the new craze, is it for weight control or beautiful body jewelry? I am so glad you asked. Waist beads have been around since the beginning of time and have different purposes for each woman who wears them. Check out the link "What are Waist Beads?" in the footer to learn more.
  • Anklets

    Anklets (1)

    Our eye catching anklets are the finishing touches to that amazing pedicure. Created from an assortment of glass beads and stones then strung on high quality stretch cord, our anklets are sure to be your new favorite piece.