How to choose your measurements:

Decide where you want your waist beads to rest. Your waist, hips, somewhere in between? Some women wear them under their clothes, to accessorize a bathing suit, or on top of their jeans or skirt. Some let them rest on their belly button, at their panty line or somewhere in the middle. I say yes, yes, and yes! I wear personally wear seven waist beads. I’m addicted. They each rest in a different place. This is all personal choice.

Take a measuring tape and measure at the place you want the beads to rest. I recommend to take two measurements: one while standing and the other while sitting down. If your beads are too tight they will POP when you sit down. Let’s be honest, our weight tends to shift when we sit down. So, be conscious of this when measuring yourself. When you receive your beads they will measure the length from clasp to attaching ring. Make sure to take your measurement twice just to be sure. If you can, have someone take your measurements for you.

If you need, watch a video on how to measure yourself. (You’d be surprised how high your waist really is!)